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QE2 London
Press Release 2-7-2012


The Latest QE2 News - 2012

I will summarise the latest news here when I get the chance, but to keep bang up to date, visit - and follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook!



December 2012 - A dramatic crew change for QE2, and QE2 London Revealed

in late December 2012, the V-ships crew who had been very successfully maintaining QE2 for over 4 years, suddenly were asked to leave the ship to be replaced by a much smaller Chinese crew.  This raised concerns immediately, as this was a very strange thing to happen, especially with no handover time. 
The Daily Mail took it to mean the ship was going for scrap, but then the team behind QE2 London, a bid to bring QE2 to London, showed their hand after apparently being alarmed by the crew changeover.  QE2 London is an exciting project which would save QE2 and bring her home.

October 15th 2012 - QE2 to be Scrapped?

I revealed on TheQE2Story's forum that I'd heard from a good contact that ship brokers have been getting contacted about the possible scrapping of a 300m cruise ship based in UAE.

That could surely only be one ship. Has time finally run out for our ship? If so, surely not a complete surprise, some will even be pleased...

More discussion over on the forum.,4641

July 2nd 2012 - New hotel plans announced

QE2's Owners today, after years of uncertainty, unexpectedly announced their revised plans for "Hotel QE2" in Dubai. 

The plans, basically, are to do the minimum work possible to allow her to re-open, intact, but connected up to shoreshide utilities.  For enthusiasts like myself, this is the best possible result.  The original plans would have left her unrecognisable, and I would never have had any interest at all in visiting her again.

Link to full Press Release.

For more information, and the on-going discussion about it, click here.


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